Price of Self Storage

Self storage can cost quite a lot depending on where and how large the self storage unit is, find out the price of a self storage unit below. If you are lokking for car storage try out

Various factors that may influence self storage price

Self storage units come in many different sizes, location, security and service

Compare Self storage prices from suppliers / sizes / Locations

Gregory Storage      
Storage Size 4m2 10m2 14m2
Price R399 R750 R999
Cedar Storage      
Storage Size 6m2 9m2 15m2
Price R625 R735 R1010
Randburg Storage      
Storage Size   9m2 18m2
Price   R500 R980

Self storage reviews

Gregory Storage  
Susan Rofle
10 April 2017 Fantastic place to store your car or furniture, safe and secure!
Cedar Storage  
John Mittner
16 May 2015 Safe storage and always willing to lend a hand.
Randburg Storage  
Peter Grieg
18 December 2016 Great service, will recommend.