Price of Fencing Price of fencing

A fence is structure that encloses an area, usually outdoors. It is normally constructed from posts connected by wire or other materials such as steel, concrete or wood. A fence differs from a wall in not having a solid foundation along it’s whole length.

The purpose of a fence can vary. It can serve to prevent unwanted entrance, to confine people or property, or to mark a boundary.

When choosing a type of fence it is important to consider it’s main purpose as well as it’s intended lifespan so you can make the best choice.

The most common reason for the installation of a fence is Security.

Many types of fences can serve this purpose effectively, however, the environment it will be in, as well as cost, will be the main driving factors behind the decision.

Here are the most common fences in South Africa and the Pros and Cons associated with each of them :

Price of Palisade FencingPalisade fence

Price of Palisade fence: R8500 for 30 meters of Palisade Fencing (2.2m high palisade )

Palisade Fence Supplier:

Company: Elco Steel
Telephone: (011) 362 1551/2
Address: Corner Ermelo & Dagbreek Road, Largo, Springs, Gauteng, South Africa

PROS of a Palisade Fence

CONS of a palisade fence

Tips for Palisade Fences

Price of Wire Mesh Fencing

R2000 for 30 meters of Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire Mesh Fence Supplier :

Company: Hi Tech Fencing
Telephone: 011 467 9177
Address: 37 Pipers Road, Sandton, Gauteng

This fence comes in either a Diamond or Square grid pattern.

It is the most economical fence available, and as it's name suggests, is made from wire of different thicknesses.

This type of fence should never be considered as a primary security barrier and it is mainly used to mark a boundary between properties or to enclose livestock.

PROS of a Wire Mesh Fence

CONS of a Wire Mesh Fence

Tip for Wire Mesh Fencing

Price of Diamond Razor Mesh Fencing

Diamond Razor Mesh Fence

R 5000 for 30 meters of Diamond Razor Mesh Fencing

Diamond Razor Mesh Supplier:

Company: Razor Worx
Telephone: 011 740 5223
Address: Athlone Street, Dalview, Brakpan

Diamond Razor Mesh is arguably the most secure fence available. It is often utilized by farmers as well as game reserves to discourage entry. It is available in different densities (the size of the holes in the fence) and the standard height is 1.8m tall.

Diamond Razor Mesh is equipped with numerous razor barbs across it's length and breadth and it would be difficult to imagine anybody getting over such a thoroughly imposing security measure.

PROS of Diamond Razor Mesh Fencing

CONS of Diamond Razor Mesh

Tips for Diamond Razor Mesh

Price of Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Supplier:

Company: Mpumalanga Discount Wire
Telephone: 011 892 2090
Address: 25 Main Reef Road Dunswart, Boksburg

Razor wire can be divided into two types, FLAT WRAP and CONCERTINA, with many different shapes, colours and sizes available to choose from.

Often mistakenly referred to as "barbed wire",razor wire is the most common security measure around and can be seen nearly everywhere.

Price of Flat Wrap Razor Wire(2D)

R750.00 for 30 metersFlat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat wrap razor wire is a single face form of razor wire which generally runs along the top of walls as a security measure. It is also useful as it adds height to the wall and is a favourite perching spot for many types of birds.

PROS of Flat Wrap Razor Wire

CONS of Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Tip for Flat Wrap Razor Wire

To ensure that Flat Wrap Razor Wire cannot be easily disassembled if cut, use a pair of pliars to re - inforce the links of each hoop with steel clamps ( available at most good hardware stores).

Price of Concertina Razor Wire(3D)

R 1250.00 for 30 metersConcertina Razor Wire

Concertina Razor Wire derives it's name from the musical instrument of the same name,which is similar in appearance to an accordian.

It is the three Dimensional version of Razor Wire and is sometimes called "Prison Wire".

Concertina Razor Wire is easily recognizable and can be placed atop a wall or fence or even be installed on the ground.

As a security measure, Concertina Razor Wire it is much more effective than Flat Wrap Razor Wire as it has a structure which cannot easily be overcome.

Sizes range from standard heights to mammoth 1.5 meter high loops.

PROS of Concertina Razor Wire

CONS of Concertina Razor Wire

Tip for Concertina Razor Wire

Price of Electric Fencing

R2300.00 fo 30 metres

Electric Fence Supplier:

Company: Gido Electric Fencing
Telephone: 0860 103 653
Address: Unit 3 14 John Street Selby South Africa

It is recommended that Electric Fencing be used in conjunction with a physical barrier such as Pallisade Fencing to beef up security of your perimeter.

It should not be relied upon as a primary security installation..

PROS of Electric Fencing

CONS of Electric Fencing

Tips for Electric Fencing


NB : Always ensure there are no structures or trees that are higher than your wall around the perimeter of your property that can be used as a platform to gain entrance.


Would I be able to somehow get into my property if I was locked out, or if I had a ladder?

If the answer is yes, your property is not secure.